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Rabbit Hunting

I just took care of some beagles last week that are used for rabbit hunting.  When Robin, Kim, and I were at the meet and greet, we were all very curious as to what rabbit hunting actually is defined as.  We asked many questions, and I did my own research when I had a chance […]


Have you heard of the cable channel dedicated to entertaining your dogs while you are away from home?  It is called DOGTV and according to the network’s creators, their research has proven that it really does appeal to dogs.  The theory makes sense…you are at home on a quiet night with your dog curled up […]

Grass Eating

Why do pets eat grass?  Well, there are a few different reasons.   Some dogs and cats love the taste.  Grass contains fiber and some pets find it tasty.  Another reason could simply be boredom.  Stuck in the back yard by himself, your pet may just decide to eat his troubles away.  Are you providing […]