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Older Dogs and Their Diets

Our pets are living much longer than they did 30 years ago. There are many factors that contribute to this, such as better veterinary care, the fact that most of our animals are now inside and the fact that we know so much more than we used to about their nutrition. The number one fact […]

Rabbit Hill Park, Ducula GA

Rabbit Hill Park 400 Rabbit Hill Rd, Ducula 30019   Rabbit Hill Park is one of the newer parks in the Gwinnett County park system.  It covers 107 acres, has five soccer fields and some multipurpose fields. There is a 2.5 mile paved multipurpose trail. It has three dog parks, one for small dogs, one […]

Freeman’s Mill Park

Freeman’s Mill Park 1401 Alcovy Road, Lawrenceville 30045 Park Hours: Sunrise until sunset unless posted otherwise Amenities ∙ 12 acres ∙ Restored historic gristmill ∙ Playground ∙ 0.5-mile paved multi-purpose trail ∙ Restrooms This is a terrific little park that is close to my house where I like to walk my older dog Suzie; she […]

Keep Your Dog’s Feet Healthy

When I first saw my older dog Suzie lose her footing on the hardwood floors and fall, it not only broke my heart, it also scared me. I knew I was going to have to make some changes around the house to both keep her safe and keep her interacting with the family. After taking […]

Gwinnett County Park System From a Dog’s Eye

As I go about my business as a dog sitter & pet walker, I travel all around Gwinnett County and spend a lot of time with my dogs hanging out in the parks. Just read what J. Faith Meader writes in the Examiner, Gwinnett County boasts one of the largest park systems in Georgia. At […]

Keep Your Older Dog Safe on Slick Floors

One of the things that most fascinates me about working with dogs is learning about their nutrition and health needs. Many of the ideas I grew up with are no longer valid. You must be diligent in your reading to keep up on what is new in the animal world. In my household I have […]

Five Tips to Keep Your Senior Dog Happy and Healthy

Establish a relationship with a veterinarian that is like-minded. Finding a veterinarian who understands your beliefs and will respect them is very important. In my case I do not believe in all of the vaccines that we give our pets, especially as they get older. I rely heavily on nutrition and exercise. I am very interested […]