Gwinnett County Animal Shelter

Looking to adopt or rescue a new pet?  Check out the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter, located at 884 Winder Highway in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  They have many cats and dogs of all sizes and ages available for adoption.  The animal shelter takes in about 15,000 animals every year, so there are more than plenty to choose from.  Only about one third of these animals get out safely from the shelter.  The shelter receives an unusual amount of purebred dogs, so instead of going to a breeder, it is a wonderful option to adopt and save a life.  The shelter offers many resources for you when you are looking to adopt.  They can give you advice on pet care, specific breed information, choosing the right pet, and tips to help make a new pet adjust to your home environment.  The shelter has a web site with pictures and descriptions of the dogs and cats available for adoption.  You can look online or go to the actual shelter during their business hours to interact with pets.  I have rescued several animals and the feeling is very rewarding to save a life.  Many animals have no issues and just want a home to call their own and to be loved : )

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