Is your dog overweight?


Recent surveys indicate that about 50% of America’s dog population is overweight.  Recent surveys also suggest that way less than 50% of Americans think that their pets are overweight.  There are several tell tale signs that your pup may be a little pudgy.  One way is to stand your dog up and view over the top of him or her.  There should be an inward curve just behind the rib cage.  If there is a straight line from head to tail, then you may need to put your pooch on a diet.  Also, if you view your pet from the side, there should be an upward curve right behind the rib cage.  If there is no curve or there is sagginess in the belly, your dog is more than likely in need of losing a few pounds.  When you run your fingers over the dog’s rib cage, you should be able to feel each individual rib. If you feel sheets of fat and your hand doesn’t easily slide across the rib cage, there is too much fat!  I have found that most people think that you should not be able to see ribs on their dog, but that is actually not the case.  One of the perks of having a pet sitter is your dog will be walked regularly and that keeps them healthy and exercised.

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